Beacon Hill Townhouse

Architecture For Today

DNA Architecture is a residential architecture firm that designs homes and spaces which are meant to be lived in. The spaces we create are designed around the client and their daily lives; the architecture should compliment the way the homeowners live and provide new and creative opportunities to enhance the experience of the home and surrounding landscape. Many of DNA Architecture’s designs are rooted in classic New England architecture but take a more modern approach to the spatial layout and architectural details. Architecture is a combination of function and form, what do you need and how do you make it look good. Regardless of whether it is Traditional or Modern; the beauty lies in the details. DNA Architecture applies the same philosophy to all types of projects we work on from New Construction, Renovations, Additions, Large Projects to Small Projects. Regardless of the project type or size they all deserve and require the same attention to detail. A well designed home is a combination of details, all brought together to create the vision of the team.